Stage 6 Design & Technology - A Student's Workbook

2021 is the latest edition - ISBN: 978-0-9579630-6-1

The new Work Health & Safety (WHS) information (replacing OHS) is included in this edition.

This Workbook presents up-to-date information on designing & producing in an easy to read format. It provides students and teachers with:

the latest developments in: iterative design, rapid prototyping, intellectual property, WHS, resources, student tasks on each content area which are related to syllabus requirements, reuse and recycling, contrasts Australian designers with overseas designers etc, etc...

practical material experiences tasks because “a good Product Designer must have a wide experience with different materials” - John Brown, Design Resource International. No other D&T books offer this important aspect for the development of skills essential for the design and construction of the MDP.

fun when completing Lateral Thinking Challenges aimed to develop innovative thought for student’s MDP.

an analysis of how to answer the different types of D & T HSC examination questions.

all of the (up-dated) elements of the course so that students can gain confidence from private study of the Industry Study, Graphics, Major and Minor Design Projects, Content areas, MDP Examination Criteria and marking schedule and the HSC Written Paper.

a step-by-step approach to the MDP and provides an example of a MDP Portfolio which achieved maximum marks and was placed 2nd in NSW.


Contents of Stage 6 Design & Technology - A Student's Workbook: 

1. Material Experiences:

Graphics. Polymers. Wood. Metal. Textiles.

2. Lateral Thinking Challenges:

Lateral thinking & parallel thinking. election of lateral thinking challenges.

3. Content Areas:

Design theory & practice. Design professions & the nature of the work. Interaction and overlap of design professions. Student task. Designers and design processes. Creative approaches to design. Student task. Collaborative approaches to design. Factors affecting designing & producing. Student task. Collaboration in design. Student task. Research methods. Ethics in research. Student task. Communication. Student task. Producing: Tools, materials, techniques, other resources. Student task. Safety in designing & producing. Student task. Technologies in designing & producing. Student task. Evaluation. Student task. Management. Student task. Marketing & market research. Student task. Project analysis. Student task. Innovation. Intellectual property. Student task. Entrepreneurial activity. Student task. Historical & cultural influences. Impact on society & the environment. Ethical, environmental & social issues. Student task. Emerging technologies. Student task.

4. Minor Design Projects:

Suggested Folio Format

5. The Case Study:

What is it?, Why and how is it done? Gathering information for the case study. A letter of thanks. A sample case study report - The Solar Sailor.

6. The Major Design Project (MDP):

What is the MDP? What are products, systems & environments? How & when will the MDP be marked? Advice on selecting your MDP. The MDP Folio- how to do it! The suggested folio format & check list. MDP examination criteria checklist. An example of a successful MDP folio.

7. The H.S.C. Written Examination:

How to answer D&T HSC questions and photographic examples of some outstanding past HSC D&T projects.