John has over 50 years experience as a TAS teacher in the Department of Education & Catholic systems, 30 years teaching Engineering Science/Studies, 10 years part time TAFE teaching, one of 3 writers of the original Engineering Studies Syllabus in 2000, TAS Coordinator for 17 years at the St Peters College campus - Tuggerah NSW (formerly Corpus Christi Senior College), senior HSC marker for many years, examiner for the Engineering Studies NSW Independent Trial HSC and Preliminary Year final examinations.

John is presently the teacher for Engineering Studies Online with the Diocese of Lismore Online Education Centre and is the author and desk-top publisher of user-friendly and very successful workbooks and DVDs for NSW, VIC, WA, TAS & QLD high school students since 1985.

What are the differences between our workbooks and text books?

Text books usually provide too much complex information (which is often out-of-date), are expensive to purchase and are difficult for students to study from for examinations.

Our Workbooks and DVDs provide:

     - teachers with content for lessons and lesson plans

     - students with a simple dot point presentation of information - not unattractive slabs of prose

     - students with a sequenced study summary of lessons in a user-friendly format

     - student tasks which aim to reinforce concepts and lesson content

     - notes space for students to annotate the workbook during lessons which enhances their study summaries

     - students with well ordered lesson notes and study summaries

     - savings for the TAS department in photocopying time and costs

     - low cost per book so that students can afford to purchase their own copy for the 2 years

     - professional digital lesson presentation with the use of the THREE Engineering Studies Teachers Classroom

       Presentation DVD/CDs and the three Industrial Processes DVDs            

     - up-to-date information because our books are regularly up-dated.

Rationale for the Workbooks:

Experienced teachers are aware that students forget about 40% of class room instruction after 1 hour, 60% after 1 day and 75% after 10 days.

From the author's experience there are two main aspects to effective learning in our school situation:

Understanding - this is the role of the teacher to present lessons so that students understand the           knowledge and concepts that students are required to learn.

Remembering - this is the hardest part because it is the student's role to remember content for examinations which is usually done at home

Our Workbooks enhance understanding and remembering by:

facilitating teachers to use all of the instruments of good teaching (ie using our resources, discussion, teacher centred instruction, audio visual, demonstrations, hands-on experiences, visits, guest speakers etc) to teach concepts in the classroom without the need for students wasting time taking notes or receiving handouts that are usually subsequently disorganise or lost.

facilitating students to be able to leave each lesson with annotated and/or highlighted lesson summaries in our workbooks which are well ordered, user friendly and easy to study from.

alleviating stress on teachers in preparing lessons for each day as well as catch-up lessons for absences (of both student and teacher) - the content is all prepared in the workbooks and CDs/DVDs.


These workbooks and CDs/DVDs provide students & teachers with:

up-to-date course content provided in easy to understand language suitable for all students and prepared by an experienced TAS teacher

a concise summary of each course in a format from which it is easy to study

a unique hands-on approach to each course which has proven to be very successful at the HSC examination

time for students to learn in the classroom/workshop and thus not have to waste time taking down lots of notes during lessons or having to organise & maintain handouts

a notes section on each page so that students can include their own or teacher’s notes if necessary

essential information for D&T and IT about major projects (including marker's checklist, portfolio format and checklist), examination rules, examination format, examination technique, Industry Study components as well as 'lateral thinking' challenges to help students develop creativity and confidence for designing and producing

extra time for teachers to concentrate on teaching technique rather than worry about preparing content and student notes for home-study.

and many more benefits - ask the majority of TAS teachers in NSW who use them!


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